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MAIR Holdings Inc.'s (MAIR) Mesaba Aviation Inc. unit said January traffic fell 67.8 percent to 38.7 million from 120.2 million revenue passenger miles during the same period in the prior year. The carrier said monthly capacity declined to 72.8 million from 191.2 million available seat miles. January's load factor, or the percentage of a plane filled with passengers, was 53.2 percent, compared with 62.9 percent in the prior year.

: Gluten Free Living Eating gluten free is easier than ever! Large chain grocery stores are selling gluten free items and ingredient lists are more explicit than ever. You're hungry and need something bready right away. These are some that we use frequently. Gluten Free Kitchen by Roben Ryberg This is an excell.A lot of times you start to explain to people that you can have wheat products and they think you mean you can eat whole wheat bread.

And if you take out the Care acquisition, it's still up 1.6%, again in a very challenging environment.And our gross margin remained fairly constant with last year at 56.8%.I think for us, it's important we continue to invest in building our brands. And our core OTC revenue was actually up 3.5% if you exclude the brands that we've discussed quite a bit in the last 6 months that were impacted by the return of the recalled competitive pediatric products.We continue to invest, increase in our A investment, and it's up almost 11%.

Prestigious consumers place enormous value on the experience of the acquisition, expecting not only extraordinary service and the highest quality but also personalization and understanding. According to Greg Furman, founder and president of the Luxury Marketing Council in New York, "Luxury buyers want to see evidence that the store or brand understands who they are and what their buying patterns are." Sophisticated shoppers want to be recognized, be shown products that would truly be of interest to them (based on their past purchases), and made to feel like they are the store's or brand's best customer.To remain in the retail lap of luxury, prestige brands must be able to provide a level of service that delivers on their promise of luxury.